Traffic Rules & Regulations - Bangalore(100 % legal Solution)

Most of us are educated people, but many of us are illiterates in the Rules and Regulations (R&R) about Traffic. At least once you might have paid penalty to traffic cop in't it ?
When ever we gave some bucks as penalty to cops for any reason that moment we thought of learning traffic rules and , takes a oath in our self to learn all the traffic rules in order to obey perfectly from next day onwards.
But this oath will become un attempted for whole life.
Not even people surround us educate us in this matter. Because many of us won't care about it.
Being an educated Indian one should have minimal knowledge to build a curruption free INDIA.
So lets act legally ..Help Fight Corruption in traffic. 
These days I faced several situations and observed some scenes with friends; even if there is no mistake from our side,Traffic police started asking money from innocent public like us.
We will be in hurry to catch some train or bus or even to go to office, we won't think and recollect R&R, but we end up in paying some thing to cop to get out of that situation when ever cop locks our vehicle and try to detain our vehicle.
Most of the Time the following questions will be unanswered in our mind - some of them are
* When a Traffic cop can detain our vehicle?
* Do we need to leave our vehicle and go ?
* How much fine we need to pay?
* Do we need to give our license to cop?
* If our license is taken ; shall we get another temporary license? etc.
Find answers for all those FAQS from the official Bangalore traffic controller website.
The following links are purely government website only....we can trust I think.
FAQs about Traffic R&R
And how much is the fine to be paid in different situations you can find it here
I got rid from this subtle with small practice of keeping a hard copy of the following R&R FAQ's in my vehicle.
Hope this helps all of us ... If you have some other points to help me in regards to this; please add your comments here.

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