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Blog Awards Winner
I am awarded the best "Blog of the day" this Friday 19Th Sept 2008.
I am glad to win this award ... Thanks to Bill Austin.My * Hugs * to you.
I never expected this award as I am having less experience in blogging.
Sunday I was checking my mails casually; and I surprised to see a mail with subject about BOTDA.
I got this from a site which this award has been linked to, it’s an official award.
Its all happened purely with all my readers encouragement ... My grateful thanks to each of my readers for nominating my blog to have this success.

How this award ?
Blog of the Day Awards offers the best selection of weblogs and famous blogs on a variety of topics. Selection of Best Blogs of the Day is usually done a few days ahead of time based on nominations up to that point. Criteria include content, quality, creativity, and the personal opinion of the judges. Judges grant up to four awards each day in recognition of outstanding nominees who are recommended by visitors to the site and by a panel of judges who bestow the honor of a Daily Blog Award upon the recipients. Being named a Blog of the Day Awards Winner can be the crowning achievement of a lifetime of work or it can be the beginning of a new chapter in the life of a blogger. Presentation of these awards can bring acclaim and notoriety beyond their wildest imaginings. The accolades and praise heaped upon winners of these prestigious awards can be best described as fabulous and the stuff of legends. We don't care what blog hosting platform your weblog is hosted on. We want the best blogspot blogs, the best wordpress blogs, the best typepad blogs and so forth. If you know a weblog that should be nominated for these Daily Weblog Awards or if your own blog seems to be a likely candidate for the prize, nominate it by submitting a comment to the most recent award post.

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Whoever writes Inappropriate/Vulgar comments to context, generally want to be anonymous …So I hope U r not the one like that?
For lazy logs, u can at least use Name/URL option which doesn’t even require any sign-in, The good thing is that it can accept your lovely nick name also and the URL is not mandatory too.
Thanks for your patience
~Krishna(I love "Transparency")

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