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Why do I Blog? What do I Blog? 

It’s a simple cause; I used to write my personal dairy which got ruined due to my present busy life. Krishna’s page (My blog) now became my e-dairy to continue my habit of writing partially. I don’t know why? I love writing more in blog than in my dairy book. But I love blogging for what ever the reason. My loneliness in my own feeling became added advantage to it. My habit of sharing things to friends is just extending now to world of internet users.

One should not suffer as like me... This strong feeling in my mind always encourages me in writing new posts. Time is precious in anybody’s life. When ever I face any problem and come-up with a solution for that I generally share that to all, so that next time it will become at least a known problem with some workaround for people. 

And I have diverse and wide variety of interests with many passions. To be very frank and clear with honesty I wrote on multiple subjects. If I stick to a single topic I can’t promise you my honesty.
So readers I can’t promise that all Posts may interest you. Hence the section “Find your interest”. You can always pick your choice there.

I blog just because I believe, there is no more logic involved in it. And it’s the only place where I have full freedom to pen my thoughts or feelings to share with world.

But sure there will be always comments – The only thing which makes me more interested in writing posts is “comments” section. Even a single comment for any post gives me solace, it changes my way of thinking, and it shows me the other side of the coin.
So please don’t forget to add ur feeling in the form of comments for each reading on Krishna’s Page. 

Last but not the least - the caption “One Blog … Mavin Solutions” for this Krishna’s Page is now justified with the above things I guess.

Why do I place Ads?
I started placing ads on my blog with just curiosity that even this will generate revenue?
Still I haven’t received any money from Google, but still I have a confidence that one day I will receive this money. But when I observed these ads I realized that; these ads also surely will help few people when they are reading any particular article. Kudos to Google for designing such a smart mechanism in displaying the ads only related to content on web-page.  
I can always earn for my survival with my regular jobs but I as a human, want to use the money that being generated from my blog for a better purpose. The money I am going to generate from these Ads is surely used for any charitable purpose . So, Keep on clicking these ads for a better INDIA.

5 comments to "wherefore for me!!!"

  • kudoo's babu.......
    kudoo's to ur wonderful thought..
    Surely i can help asmuch i can..
    keep blogging

  • ee roju oka pratyekamyna roju. mee blog chuucina i mean chadivina roju. yentha yentho chala chala chala bavundoch.
    yem bavundi ani adagakuudadu. teliyadu. yenduko nachhindi. ante telusu. congrats and thanks.

  • naakkudaa transparency istam. comment post cheyyadam ide first.just like that. yenduko nachhindani cheppalani anipinchindi. cheppesa.
    reverse lo vachharu? so nick name idea ichharu .ok .sarenandi. nenu sahaja. mee blog bavundi.

  • సహజ గారూ మీ కామెంట్స్ కి చాలా థాంక్స్ అండి.అన్నట్టు "సహజ" మీ అసలు పేరు నో లేక ముద్దు పేరు నో తెలియదు గాని చల షజముగా ఉంది అండి.ఇంకా నా బ్లాగు మెరుగుపరచటానికి సూచనలు, సలహాలు ఇవ్వదలిస్తే పైన చూపిన "Contact" పేజి లో నా వివరములకు తెలుపగలరు.

  • I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a song. Transparency is good. But why would one want to yell in a mic his/her name? Anonymity needn't mean inappropriate comments necessarily. It could also mean someone their privacy. :-)

    Moreover, signing off as anonymous is better than giving some false name, me thinks.

    Good blog by the way.

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