Online Payment methods for different credit cards

I found this as interesting to share with people who use credit cards ...

Most of the time we generally pay our credit card bills using cash deposit in banks or by cheques. But when we issue cheques, I have seen people facing many issues ...
  • What to write on cheques?
  • where to drop this cheques?
  • Dropped in a wrong cheques box.(To pay HDFC you may dropped cheques in skypak drop box, which they wont process)
  • Mistakes on cheques(wrong payee name, wrong date, mismatch in signature)
  • Forgot to write important details like above.
  • Issued Post dated cheques(HSBC wont accept Post dated cheques for credit card payments)
  • Lost your cheques unconditionally before dropping in cheq drp box.
  • Savings account balance gone below the cheques amount unexpectedly.

Like this there were many situations, cheqs creates problems.

So if we are able to pay by online for free from our savings bank accounts, there wont be any problem at all ...but unfortunately this feature was not available for many credit card providing banks.
Note : If we are holding same bank savings account and same bank credit card there wont be any pain in payments(If net banking is ready). But problem arises for people who will be holding many cards but few savings accounts.
Here I am sharing few important links which will help you to pay your credit card bill using other bank net banking accounts.

  • For CITI bank credit cards
  • For SBI credit cards
  • HSBC
IFSC code for HSBC cards : HSBC0400002
For HSBC cards all you need to do for online transfer is you should have a netbanking account with any other bank. Once you have netbanking and third party funds transfer enabled on this netbanking account. Its just easy to pay online for HSBC cards. All you need to do is just add you HSBC card details to NEFT frunds transfer memebers list.Account number is just your 16 digit HSBC credit card number and IFSCode will be your local HSBC bank code from which you got the code. Ex: If you got your HSBC card from bangalore branch you need use Bangalore HSBC bank code. Thats all once the NEFT details aproved from your bank, pay your HSBC bill by just using NEFT transfer each time. It worked for me, Im using HDFC netbanking account.
  • ICICI Bank
For online payment if you have an ICICI Bank Savings Account - Go to and transfer funds from your savings account to credit card account using our Bill Pay facility.

For online payment if you do not have an ICICI Bank Savings Account - Pay your ICICI Bank card dues from any of your non-ICICI-Bank savings accounts also through net banking if your bank has enabled the NEFT facility. Use Transaction Code 52 and IFS code ICIC0000103 for ICICI Bank as the destination bank. 

IFSC code for ABN AMRO : ABNA0100310
It is also same as HSBC only. Just add it to NEFT usrs list in the netbanking by giving 16 digiti ABN AMRO credit card number and IFScode. Now just transfer funds to pay ur crdit card bill.

Generic way
For most of the net banking providing banks there will be a feature called 
card to card to transfer, using this feature we can pay any card bill(VISA,Master,Cirrus etc).
But most of the times bank people will charge minimum amount(approx 20 R/-) for this.  

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  • Very useful post.

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  • Very useful information. I am able to find the link to Citibank from here as Citibank site is big zigzaw puzzle.

    Thank you

  • Good stuff,

    I have an HSBC credit card and wanted to pay its bill online from ICICI bank account, is there any easiest way with which I can pay the bill??

  • Hi Tanveer
    I am also using HSBC card, I tried hard to find best way but ended only with the generic way I mentioned in the post. But I generally use check payment rather than card2card transfer(as it charges 25 R/-).
    But If u come across any other better ways plz do let me know !
    And my thanks to David,Prasanthi and R.Patel for visiting my page.

  • I have HDFC Netbanking account and now I added my HSBC card details to NEFT users list. Now I am able to transfer money from my HDFC netbanking account to HSBC card very easily.HTH

  • I have ABN AMRO account & am trying to make HSBC credit card payment through funds transfer (NEFT). I believe account number is 16 digit card number. What is the type of account to be selected, Savings or Current?

    ABN AMRO/HSBC customer service was of no assistance. Please help

  • @Ashes n Glory: Please select type of account as cash credit or card payment some thing like that. From my HDFC savings netbankinng account I have added HSBC card under card payment. It worked for me.

  • @All,

    For NEFT transfer from most of the banks you should add the payee as follows,

    Accountholder name : NAME as it appears in you CCd bill

    Account No. : 16 Digit Card Number

    Account Type : Savings (as we don't have any option to specify the type as Credit Card)

    IFSC Code : Code as Specified in the bill

    Well, I've made a few transactions this way. From Citi to AXIS Bank, ABN AMRO, HSBC.

  • I have a SCB credit and I want to make payment from my citibank account.. Can some one help on how to make the payment?

  • Awesome post buddy... much appreciate the compilation. Keep it up, god bless you.

  • Extremeky useful. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi

    Do you know any link for HSBC card payment by any Netbanking method as I have indusind net banking.
    Link like for SBI payment as below


  • Good one. I must try online payment !

  • For HSBC credit card payment through Axis Bank Online account - In Power Transfer Registration, While Registering NEFT account, enter your card number as your account number. For IFSC code, select the Bank name as HSBC Bank and Select the branch name as "Payments Division". If you select this and save you can see the IFSC code of HSBC Credit card division which is HSBC01INDIA. Then you can start paying from your Power Transfer

  • Good Article !

  • Hi,

    I found citibank payment method very easuly form here

    Hemant Mistry

  • what about hsbc bank credit card

  • want to know about banks IFSC CODE and MICR CODE....for more informations go to visit our site and

  • hiii........

    your article is very nice and good infrmation and unique........


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